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For most IT-professionals it’s only natural to be connected worldwide. We have a growing pool of IT professionals working for successful companies in administrative and analytic teams. They are IT-developers, -architects, -engineers, -consultants, -testers, -(project) managers, -sales specialists etcetera. Who are you looking for?

Next to a personal and well organized recruitment process, EPSN Workforce also offers customized relocation packages that ensure a smooth transition of international candidates to their destination country and take away the logistic and administrative burden. We love to support you with the relocation and on boarding of your new employees. Let us know how we can help you. We customize the level of our relocation services according to your needs.

A story we like to share

A German company was looking for a crucial IT professional for five months already. Four other recruiters had tried to find someone locally for the job with no success. Still the company was very reluctant to recruit a professional from abroad, afraid the difference in culture would pose a problem in the small team of four people. We asked them what would pose a bigger threat: the possibility of a potential cultural issue or a second team member leaving the company.

They admitted that the latter would pose a bigger threat. To cut a long story short. Thanks to our extensive international network our office in Greece found them a Greek national who was already working in Germany.

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