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UK Medical professionals immigration UPDATE

Check how the new Brexit rules affect you

The United Kingdom has now finished its transition period post-Brexit and the new immigration system is fully in force. Here, we provide a summary of the main points that you need to be aware of in relation to immigration in the UK

This page provides an overview of the changes to the immigration process in the UK and should be used for informational purposes only. These materials do not constitute legal advice, please use the official Government website for the latest advice: https://www.gov.uk/health-care-worker-visa

SOURCE: https://www.gov.uk/health-care-worker-visa


Check if your job is eligible. Before you can find out if your job is eligible, you need to know its 4-digit occupation code. If you do not know your code, you can search for your job in the ONS occupation coding tool.

Level of English

You’ll usually need to prove your knowledge of the English language when you apply, unless you did this in a previous successful visa application.


You must prove you can read, write, speak and understand English to at least level B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale.

You do not need to prove your knowledge of English if:

  • you’re a national of one of the following countries: check the official website
  • you’re sponsored to work as a doctor, dentist, nurse or midwife.

How much it costs

When you apply for a Health and Care Worker visa, you’ll need to have enough money to:     

  • pay the application fee
    • up to 3 years - £232 per person

    • more than 3 years - £464 per person

  • support yourself when you arrive in the UK - you’ll usually need  to have at least £1,270 available (unless you’re exempt)

Check for more information the website of gov.uk

If your employer can support you instead:

Your certificate of sponsorship must confirm this. Your employer will need to complete the ‘sponsor certifies maintenance’ section on your certificate. This is under ‘Additional data’.

Apply from outside the UK

Apply from inside the UK (extend or switch their visa)

Apply for your partner or child’s visa at the same time as you apply to extendor switch your own visa. This includes children who were born or have turned 18 during your stay.

How to apply: click here