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Our engineers work in design, installation and manufacturing in industries like automotive, aerospace, construction, food & beverage, installation, industrial automation etcetera.

We have a pool of engineering professionals who love to spread their wings. Who do you need and what can you offer them? Let us help you make a match. Next to a personal and well organized recruitment process, EPSN Workforce also offers customized relocation packages. We love to support you with the relocation and on boarding of your new employees. Let us know how we can help you. We customize the level of our relocation services according to your needs.  

A story we like to share

A Chinese client of the EPSN Office in the UK requested for a European automotive engineer for their plant in China. We were able to find the candidate and relocated him and his Irish family to Beijing. One-and-a-half years later the Chinese company transferred him to Germany to help with the opening of a new plant in the Nuremberg area.

Although we already fulfilled our commitment to the company and the engineer, we gladly assisted him and his family to make another smooth transition, this time from China to Germany. 

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