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Truck Mechanic - The Netherlands

Venray / Netherlands / Code: EPR01139

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For our clients in the Netherlands we are looking for a good number of Truck Mechanics with excellent job conditions and projection.
Job description

For our clients in the Netherlands we are looking for a good number of Truck Mechanics with excellent job conditions and projection.

1st Truck Mechanic - tasks and duties:

Reports to Workshop Manager / After Sales Manager.

The function of this job is mostly focused on preventative tasks in maintenance, repairing and getting  commercial vehicles ready for delivery. Regular shifting focus to the technical aspects of different sources. The job also contains aspects of diagnosing, registration and some commercial aspects.

Works in order of receiving assignments, for complex problems or repairs he will need to have good experience. Regular contact with everyone in the company is vital for a smooth and fast approach, focused on a two way stream of information and synchronizing. Coaches maybe (students) mechanics.

Jobs and responsibilities

  • Capacity of executing maintenance.
  • Capacity of executing legal inspections like APK or Tachograaf.
  • Capacity of diagnosing malfunctions, repairs and capacity of executing 24 hour service.
  • Ability of transferring technical knowledge.
  • Ability of working with the guidelines of the importer. In capacity of transferring the vision and strategy of Iveco Schouten to the customer/end user.
  • We expect that the employee will work according to all legislations concerning company, safety and labor conditions.

Important skills:

  • Teamwork, Collaborates with others to achieve team goals and knows how to place the common interest above their own interests.
  • Learning ability, Learns from critical feedback from customers, colleagues and managers and the successes and mistakes of themselves and others.
  • Result focused, Is actively focused on achieving goals. Does everything possible to actually realize the set goals. .
  • Discipline Is focused on finishing things according to the regulations and agreed rules.
  • Mouth to mouth communication, Communicates ideas and opinions orally in a clear and understandable way.
  • Stress proof Continues to perform well when there is time pressure, setback, counterplay or disappointment. Accepts criticism without reacting hostile or defensive.
  • Enthusiasm Imposes high demands on the work and then acts: shows not to be satisfied with an average performance.


  • English language B1
  • Good experience (2-4 years)
  • Driving License
  • EU ID card/passport

Salary and benefits:

  • Salary starting € 12,5 Net per hour. 
  • Minimum 40 hours/week
  • Accommodation provided for free: single room in shared house 
  • Transport: car or bike provided, depending on distance to the job (car costs €4/day if passenger OR solo driver)
  • Health insurance provided for free
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