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Truck Driver

Canada / Code: EPJ02474

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We are looking for Truck Drivers to relocate to Canada, fantastic relocation support and Visa being offered.
Job description

Truck Drivers

Interviews being held with our Client on the following dates and locations:

Warsaw Poland – Sunday 11th December & Monday 12th December

Eindhoven Netherlands - Thursday 15th December & Friday 16th December

Package Details:

Truck Driver Hourly rate of $22.77 if operating a chip van or straight truck (trailer loaded by someone else)

Hourly rate of $24.27 if operating a self-loading trailer (trailer loaded by driver)

Normal weekly schedule would be 60 hours per week

Duties & Requirements

Main duties would be to operate a large truck with trailer in a safe and efficient manner; Performing routine maintenance when required.

The ideal candidate would have 2+ years of experience driving a large truck (CE license required) all within the last 5 years;

They would have previous experience driving in winter type road conditions; They would have a high school diploma at a minimum and speak English at a CLB4 level(conversational);

They, along with their immediate family, would be highly motivated to come to Canada.

No criminal convictions.

Other Offerings (Immigration/Settlement)

- We pay for the flights of all selected candidates

- We support/assist all candidates with their immigration paperwork

- We provide lodging for the first 12 week (at a small nominal fee) -

We provide a vehicle for the first 8 weeks (at a small nominal fee) -

We pay for and provide driver training for all candidates to obtain their class 5 license (drive a car) -

We pay for and provide driver training for all candidates to obtain their class 1 license (drive a transport truck) *** if applicable

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