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Candidate DCS31101

DCS31101. Senior Automation Engineer with 29 years’ experience. 3 weeks’ notice.

DCS31101 is 51 year’s old and holds a bachelor’s degree in Maths, Informatic technologies, high-level languages programming, networking.

He has 29 years’ work experience with over 8 years automation background. His passion for automation led him to take online courses, on his own, to improve his automation skills and he holds several certificates. He processes an educational and professional background working in automation for the food industry and building material production.

A technical person, he actually managed to re-invent himself from a High Voltage Technician to an automation specialist:

Several of his projects were:

  • Upgrading VEB line cells by adapting Romanian electronic RAR-01 relays.
  • Design and execution of automation of three command line cells 825V / 1800A
  • Partial design and execution of the SCADA network (LAN and servers).
  • Upgrading (design and execution) of the CELCO plant's water supply (Siemens Logo and SCADA VD).
  • Upgrading (design and partial execution) of sand conveyor belt relay (S7-200).
  • Electric execution of automated doors (Projecting in Eplan, Easy700 programming and Siemens VFD Siemens V20 parameterization, complete wiring)

Technical and tools:

  • Knowledge about the language families in the PLC programming domain; Function Block Diagram, Ladder Logic, Sequential Flow Chart, Structured Text, Instruction List.
  • Knowledge about C (3) and C++(3)
  • Equipment specific languages: Siemens S7, Eaton and Bradley (3)
  • Knowledge of communication protocols; Profinet, Modbu, Profibus
  • Industrial Electronics, PLC, SCADA, Inverters
  • Eaton PLC programming XC-100,200, XV PLC programming
  • Eaton’s SCADA programming, Visual Designer SCADA programming

He is above B2 in English (technical and conversational). He has beginner level in both German and Russian. He used to play football at C Division level and he also used to practice competitive wrestling. He likes most to swim and go fishing. Sports prepared him to be a good team player. He is open to relocate to Western Europe countries excluding UK.

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