Theodor Irimescu

Career Consultant

Iasi, 2A, A. Fatu str.

(+40) 770 234 417


My name is Theodor Irimescu and I join the EPSN network with the Company I founded back in 2017.

I've been in recruitment field since 2008, recruiting and hiring by myself over 500 people and couple of thousands together with my team. My team will be working within the EPSN network mainly focusing on the Medical/Healthcare sector.

We are located in Iasi (Romania), a Region with high language and specific skills. We will supply Romanian talent to the network, for roles throughout Europe.

We joined EPSN because we share similar values, processes and the same customer approach, and we are very determined to make our contribution by placing quality candidates, resulting in high customer satisfaction and profitable business for everyone involved.

Please feel free to get in touch at any time for planning and resolving business opportunities.

Medical & Healthcare vacancies

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