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Automation Technician

Code: 1961

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EPSN Workforce is expiring a huge demand in the European industry for Automation Technicians in all production sectors i.e. paper, automotive, pharma, food and agricultural industry and water treatment.  All areas where automation is a central element. We are looking for Technicians who are experts and who have the knowledge and ability to install, perform start-up/commissioning, maintain, troubleshoot, document and repair a wide variety of industrial instrumentation, electronic monitoring, metering, controlling and signaling devices used in the production of goods and services.

Candidates will be marketed as candidate VIP service throughout Europe by a EPSN Workforce campaign and as a sales-force effort.

Job description

Competence Requirements:

+4 years’ experience with:

  • Technicians are expected to be proficient with various instruments and hand tools, such as electrical multimeters. comfortable using digital hardware and software, up to the level of technician level PLC programming.
  • Because automation technicians are on their feet all day and must often walk to different types of equipment, they require physical stamina.
  • Areas of expertise:
    • Practical Fault finding and diagnostic knowledge.
    • System optimization knowledge.
    • Project Management knowledge.
    • Maintenance and Administration knowledge.

Leading and supervising knowledge towards production teams.


Associate degree in electronics, manufacturing, microelectronics, information technology or appropriate related field or equivalent recognized certifications. i.e. Industrial electrician, instrumentation/mechanician and similar. Associate Degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Computer or Industrial Engineering, other Engineering degrees can also be applicable.

Course-work in industrial electronics, PLC programming and optimization, design and implementation of advanced human- machine interfaces.  Hydraulics, pneumatics, programmable logic controllers, electrical circuits, electrical machinery and human-machine interfaces.


Creative thinking skills, Detail oriented personality, Excellent manual dexterity, Ability to communicate well to other members of the teams, Good teamwork spirit and willing to take high work pressure and responsibility to solve the problem, Display integrity, and open attitude, Good skills of communication, Proactive, good communicator, Flexible, Self-motivated, positive & continuous learning attitude.


Clarity, maturity and motivation on moving abroad to the right opportunity.

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