As regional manager of EPSN Workforce South Europe, I am responsible for Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Croatia. My task is to lead our teams of professional recruiters in these countries and help them become successful business owners. I am guiding them to find the best talent on the market so that we can relocate them to the various countries in Europe or to find exciting new challenges in their home country. EPSN Workforce graduates are working hard to combine talented candidates and interesting job openings across Europe.

If your company needs qualified and talented professionals, then we should talk. We can provide you with candidates in the following areas:

IT, Engineering, Medical & Healthcare, Administrative & Finance, Technical & Construction, Logistics, Hospitality and Sales.

We have an international network that allows you to find the profile you want, and that can be a fundamental element in the development of your business.

I'm available to help you build a business plan and assess the growth potential you can have.

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