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Healthcare Assistant/Geriatric-Lxiscare

Lisboa / Portugal / Code: EPA01598

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The client is looking for Healthcare Assistants to work in Netherlands in live-in-care. 

The client requires experience as HCA and training in the area.

Job description

Proposal to recruit Geriatric Healthcare Assistant Vacancy: Internal  HCA (Works and sleeps at the client's home during the service hours 24 hours a day, with 8h working and the remaining supervising);

Location: Netherlands; Languages: English (required) or Dutch or German; Time off: 1 day or 2 afternoons; Tasks to perform: Caring for the Person and Housing. Hygiene, Help person to get up from bed/chair and back to bed/chair, medicine, company, food, transports to go to the doctor, housekeeping, laundry (ironing and washing), cooking, shopping, sightseeing, street visits, doctors / appointments, etc. (Candidate as to stay minimum for 2 to 3 months straight); Net Salary Receivable (after tax): 1750 € at 1900€ / month *

* The variation in the salary depends on: the total numbers of hours worked, grade of complexity required  and number os years of experience; Benefits: - Accommodation and Meals at the client's home during the period of service; - Training (if applicable); - Work insurance and all taxes; - Transports. Not included - Sleep and Meal at the client's home during periods of service break (due to the limit of 6 months per year working abroad, necessarily have to come to Portugal - period of service break);  

- Travel expenses for personal affairs; - Other personal expenses.

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