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Care Home Nurse Belgium

Belgium / Code: EPHE01722

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EPSN Belgium has opportunities for Registered Nurses - A1 level at our numerous care homes in Belgium (Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels).

Job description

The nurse provides the residents with the correct nursing care so that they receive quality and optimum care. He/she also ensures a pleasant home feeling for the residents by ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment.

The nurse works under the direction of the head nurse. In the absence of the head nurse takes the nurse's responsibility for a good one operation of the service. He/she shares and receives information with and from their managers and the other members of the multidisciplinary team and ensures good contact with doctors and relatives of the Residents.

It is important to note that depending on the region you prefer to work in, French or Dutch, you will be required to speak, read, and write one of these languages at B1 level. 

Tasks towards our residents:

  •  Offer customized care and with it the health status and quality of life of the resident (physically and mentally) for as long as possible.
  • Observing, recognizing and recording the health status of the resident/s.
  • Provide daily hygienic care such as giving the toilet, bathing, hair and nail care, wound care and bedsore.
  • Supervise the physical comfort and safety of the resident.
  • Order, prepare, distribute and check the medication of the residents.
  • Preparing nursing material for use and its use and maintenance to check.
  • Pay attention to meal events and fluid intake.
  • Supporting the processing of the dementia process, depression, mourning and loss of autonomy.
  • Evaluate whether the care provided meets the needs of the resident and propose adjustments.
  • Follow-up and implementation of the medication and care file.
  • In the event of a hospitalization, the preparation, written reporting and further prepare explanations to those involved.

Other tasks:

  • Supervise the residents and acquaintances of the resident, talk to them and them to inform.
  • Support relatives and acquaintances if necessary in the event of death, palliative condition and the like.
  • Receive doctors and provide them with the necessary information.
  • Order medication and check deliveries.
  • Supervise nurses and healthcare professionals interns.
  • Maintain open communication and identify problems.
  • Thinking along and working out on a care innovation and the quality of care.
  • Participation in the multi-disciplinary consultation.
  • Supervising care procedures.
  • Give a good briefing on a service transfer.
  • Ensure good oral and written communication about the daily exercises.
  • Take responsibility and help colleagues in the healthcare department.
  • Reporting in the electronic care and medication file
  • Respond quickly to the sudden needs of the residents.


  • EU Passport / South African
  • Bachelor diploma EU education A1 level Nursing/ or Bachelor degree (BCurr or equivalent) with completed community service year for South African Nurses. 
  • Experience is preferable but not exclusionary, and new graduates are more than welcome to apply.
  • Willingness and commitment to learning Dutch or French. 

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Nursing techniques for the elderly.
  • Good knowledge of psychogeriatrics.
  • Insight into dealing with elderly people with dementia and their dementia experience world.
  • Basic knowledge of medication use in the elderly.
  • Basic knowledge of multi-pathological disease states in the elderly.
  • Detailed knowledge care of people with dementia.
  • Basic knowledge of residential care decree and OCMW decree.
  •  Social and communication skills such as empathetic and dealing assertively with the elderly and their relatives.
  • Proper use of language.
  • Being able to deal with the consequences of ageing.
  • Being able to carry out assignments correctly and on time on an independent basis but also be able to work in a team with the other disciplines.
  • Strong observation capacity.
  • Being able to respond to the individuality of the residents.
  • Organizing, making contacts and reporting.
  • Be prepared to work weekends and shifts, evening and night work


  • Assistance with relocation & onboarding 
  • Progressive salary scales that are linked to your experience
  • Shift allowance
  • Working in state of the art care homes
  • Meal vouchers
  • Stable working hours
  • A unique chance for personal and professional development

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