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Candidate TN31045

TN31045 Senior Automation Engineer with 16 years’ experience. 30 days’ notice.

TN31045 is 39 years old and holds a master’s degree in Electronics. He has a total of 16 years’ experience, all in the engineering field, where the last 8 years has been as an automation engineer for a German company manufacturing stainless-steel equipment and is specialized in Automation and electro design.

He is an experienced and highly accomplished Automation Engineer with extensive experience-based knowledge of automation design and vendor and client management, demonstrating solid analytical and team management skills. Proven track-record of completing complex projects with precision and accuracy within stringent time restraints. Exceptional ability to design and implement processes to increase workflow efficiency, improve productivity, and generate higher levels of revenue.

Skilled in:

  • Eplan – Expert level
  • Masters Siemens TIA Portal, Ladder Logic and SCL, AutoCAD, as well some experience with SCADA (for in-house solutions).
  • He is fluent in his native language and holds a B1 level English and A1 level German.

Ready to relocate to Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany.

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