EPSN Workforce | Support with Relocation

EPSN Workforce brings you complete recruitment solutions that includes full-service departure and destination services for international candidates. Our international network of consultants utilise local knowledge to ensure clients and candidates receive an exceptional service throughout the entire process. We promote a smooth and effective transition for international placements by fully supporting candidates with their relocation requirements, helping to settle them into their new environment quickly and effectively to ensure a smooth relocation and integration. Candidates get the satisfaction they want. Clients get the compliance they need.

EPSN Workforce Group
| We guide professionals in relocating worldwide - EPSN Workforce Group

Relocation benefits for clients


Your Benefits:

o Free of charge guidance and advice for clients and candidates

o Reduced administrative burden and associated costs for client

o Ensure a smooth, fast and efficient transition for new employees – promoting a greater chance of success in employment

o Breakdown of language / cultural barriers – ensuring effective communications between clients, candidates and third parties such as service providers and local authorities

o Our knowledge & guidance with implementing a “Buddy” system

If you prefer personal assistance at location by one of our staff members for your new hires, we also facilitate full service relocation packages.