Working and living in Germany

Germany is not only a warm is also the number one economy in the EU and you can be part of it!

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Germany is a modern, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan society, making it an ideal location for international job seekers. Germany is not only one of the strongest economies in the world but it is also one of the main players in the European Union.

The average wage in Germany can vary depending on the profession. The average household disposable income is €41,000,- which is higher than the European average of €16,821,-. Unlike other countries in the European Union, Germany has no set minimum wage.

Germany is made up of 16 regional states (Bundesländer), each providing a diverse quality of life. From the regional areas of the beautiful Baltic and North Sea coasts, to the majestic peaks of the Alps in the South and to the modern and cosmopolitan culture of Germany’s cities.  

Facts en Figures 

Population: 81,890,000 

Area: 357,022 km2 

Capital: Berlin (3.400.000 population) 

Language: German 

Currency: Euro

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