Ever wished you could be your own boss?


Want a work life balance where you can choose your hours and place of work?


Ready to increase your earning potential

EPSN Workforce Group

Become a Business Partner with our European recruitment network and you can achieve all of the above.

At EPSN Workforce we are offering recruitment professionals across Europe a unique opportunity to work on live vacancies with global clients.


Our concept

Within our key Sectors (ITC, Engineering, Medical & Construction) there are significant staffing issues throughout Europe. Improved international mobility will provide a solution to unemployment in economically challenged countries whilst helping to address the shortfall of talent in other regions.

EPSN Workforce was established in 2014 to meet this challenge, proving its necessity by successfully launching operations in 10 countries in under 12 months. With significant plans for expansion we are now seeking additional partners to help meet industry demand and further grow our network.

EPSN Workforce is offering a fresh approach to the Recruitment industry by connecting individual Recruiters via a European network. In this way we can offer Recruiters a better lifestyle whilst providing clients with local knowledge on a European scale. Everybody wins!

In order to maintain our reputation and continue to build on our success we are looking for talented and experienced recruitment professionals, with an in-depth knowledge of one of our Sectors to join our European network.

| We guide professionals in relocating worldwide - EPSN Workforce Group

The opportunity

Are you a talented Recruitment professional with experience in one of our Sectors? (ITC, Engineering, Medical or Construction)

Do you know how to reach the best talent in the industry?

Would you like to work with live vacancies across Europe?

We are searching for the best people in the industry to join our European network, acting as a partner in your local country, sourcing candidates for live vacancies posted via our shared CRM system.

You will have access to vacancies in your Sector across the UK, Germany and Netherlands, with global clients. Our internal team will also help with relocation and settlement services – ensuring your candidates are supported through their transition into a new environment.

What will you get?

* International Recruitment Platform

* Network of European colleagues to connect with

* Established international Recruitment, Selection & Matching process

* Live vacancies across Europe (notably in the UK, Germany and Netherlands)

* Corporate Marketing including your own website

* Finance & Administration support, including payroll and invoicing

* Relocation services for your candidates

* Full training and induction

* Coaching & Support for your ongoing success

| We guide professionals in relocating worldwide - EPSN Workforce Group

Increase your earning power!

As an EPSN Partner you will effectively run your own business, utilising all of the tools we provide to help you achieve this.

Retain more of your fees – as a Recruiter when you make a successful placement you will earn 25-50% of the fee charged to the client. In return you will source the candidate, conduct an interview and submit them against a live EPSN vacancy. EPSN then takes care of the rest of the process (although you will remain the point of contact for all communications with the candidate up until successful start date).

Who is EPSN?

Our network of European recruitment professionals spans across 10 countries, enabling us to provide an unrivalled knowledge base within each of our specialist Sectors. We focus on 4 key Sectors – ITC, Engineering, Medical and Construction.

EPSN Workforce has been established to offer a fresh approach to the recruitment industry. By working in collaboration with our European network we are able to target candidates throughout the EU via a quick and efficient process. Combining highly focused industry knowledge with Europe wide specialist recruitment expertise we can offer all of our stakeholders access to a unique, unrivalled breadth and depth of recruitment know-how.

Our organisation was founded by Dion Heymans in 2014, collaborating with a team of highly respected investors. With head offices based in Eindhoven, Holland the business was established in 10 countries within the first few months.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading recruitment network by offering local knowledge to international clients

EPSN Workforce’s leading priority is to act as a responsible and reputable organisation, putting the welfare and wellbeing of all candidates at the top of our list.


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