Working and living in Belgium

Belgium’s slogan is "Unity makes power." Despite the diversity in language and culture, Belgium is well known for its unity as far as progress and economic growth is concerned. Be part of it!  


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Belgium is a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of governance. Its two largest regions are the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders in the north and the French-speaking southern region of Wallonia.

Belgium's strongly globalized economy and its transport infrastructure are integrated with the rest of Europe. Its location at the heart of a highly industrialized region helped make it the world's 15th largest trading nation in 2014. The economy is characterized by a highly productive work force, high GDP and high exports per capita.

The average wage in Belgium can vary depending on the profession. The average household disposable income is €25.092,- which is much higher than the European average of €16,821,-.


Facts and Figures

Population: 11,239,000
Area: 30,528 km2
Capital: Brussels (population 1,000,000)
Top Cities : Brussels, Antwerpen, Luik, Charleroi, Arlon, Gent, Leuven, Brugge, Hasselt en Namen
Language: Dutch, French, German
Currency: Euro (€)

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